Sunday, 24 April 2011

A pascal Pomerol

Bordeaux and lamb are a match made in heaven. Few other wines have both the acidity and the structure to handle a strong, fatty meat such as lamb. So, as we celebrated Easter with lamb, out came the claret.

With 47 hectares, Chateau de Sales is the biggest vineyard of  Pomerol, the merlot-dominated right bank of Bordeaux. The vines are on average 30+ years old and comprise of 70% merlot, 15% cabernet franc and 15% cabernet sauvignon. I bought a case of the 'stellar' 2000 vintage en primeur (funny how there are so many so called 'must have' vintages in Bordeaux!) and I'm now about half way through. So far, this wine has been very good so I was looking forward to trying this bottle...

Chateau de Sales is on the north western border of the Pomerol appelation

Chateau de Sales, Pomerol, 2000

Appearance: soft garnet & developing a brick coloured rim with age

Nose: very merlot with green pepper corns and some oak. However, also a pungent whiff of tarmac (is this a defect or a dirty glass?)

Palette: light & ultra smooth with silky tannins. Red fruits and that tarmac again (?!) with a greenish undertone which is unusual for a year such as 2000. Some oak & vanilla on a medium finish.

Conclusion: a delicious, light wine but disappointing versus the last tasting and my expectations. 4* 5/10

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