Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Interesting everyday wines from Italy: part 3

Still working my may through the Wine Society case, this time with a belter from Puglia...

Copertino, Eloquenzia, Masseria Monaci, 2004

Of the 450 officially recognised wine denominations in Italy, Copertino is not the most well known. In fact, I am into wine, albeit relatively new to Italian wine, and I had never heard of Copertino. Situated on the Salento peninsula, Copertino is one of 31 DOCs (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) that belong to Puglia. However, with the introduction of the DOP (Denominazione di Origine Protetta) system this year, one denomination for Puglian wines will come into force... Puglia DOP. The mere mention of Puglia on a wine label is likely to mean more to the average consumer that the previous 31 hard to pronounce and unrecognisable names. So whilst this will undoubtedly ruffle some proud local feathers, it is likely to be better for Puglian wine exports.

Made by Azienda Monaci, a family run winery in Copertino, Eloquenzia is one in a portfolio of nine wines and made entirely from the local grape, Negroamaro. Thus far, this is the best in the case and a wine I can thoroughly recommend for its both its taste and its price (£6.50).

  • Appearance: Deep ruby red
  • Nose: Excellent. A heady mix of herbs & smoke. Very Chateauneuf/ mourvedre in style
  • Palette: Juicy & crunchy fruit. Thick with dark & bitter black cherry & glycerine - like a mature Rhone. Very long finish.
  • Conclusion: A wine of real distinnction & expression. Lives up to it's eloquent name. Definitely reorder. 2.5* 8/10

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